iFrame is the smart painting activated by voice control that combines art, the skills of italian framers and technology.

Thanks to iFrame you can now interact with the art that comes to life before your eyes.


iFrame has been developed by the start-up Kinoa together with a team of young talents in the context of the KibiGO experience..

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to the artificial intelligence and the voice control, iFrame can listen to your requests and can show you the chosen art masterpiece in a few seconds on a high resolution display. It is possible to ask iFrame to show you a single painting or a gallery of paintings from a single artist, in a few instants iFrame will provide what you ask.

Handcrafted Frame

For the elegant frame, Kinoa thanks a master framer from Florence that allowed iFrame to become a true “Made in Italy” product

Vocal Assistant

iFrame is capable to interact with you and, in a few seconds, shows the paintings requested accompanied by a short description.

How does iFrame work?

« Ok iFrame, show me the last judgement by Michelangelo »

« here is the last judgement by Michelangelo, it’s wonderful »

« wow »


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